Whitefish’s “$1.1 Million Dollar Home” I Grew Up Down the Street (There Goes the Neighborhood)


Yes, it’s true.

I grew up just three doors down from the now famous “Whitefish Million Dollar Home” ($1.1 million actually) which made national news.

I can tell you alot about that neighborhood and growing up there. It was very quiet, simple and inexpensive. Except in 1972 right before my folks purchased our house I thought my mom was gonna have a heart attack when our landlord raised the rent to $150. She about fainted!

About a year later my parents bought our house for $52,000. Let that sink in. In 1973 my folks bought the house 3 houses down from the house that is now listed for 1.1 million on the market and I can tell you our house was much nicer than that house is. Our old house is still standing and it was built (I believe in about 1903).

One person revealed something that they thought the house would be torn down and ‘multi-housing units’ would be built there. Well, one neighbor who lives close by this ‘dwelling’ (and whom I’ve known for 50 years) won’t (most likely) go down that easily without pitching a fit about ‘multi-dwelling units’ being built so close to him or the place being transformed into some business for that matter. Let’s just say I’d not want to tackle with him over the possibility.

The original agent and the following realtor who listed it are not good examples of realtors you want to hire (or buy from for that matter). The whole thing just exudes greed and in a big way. The yard is unkempt (which the pictures clearly reveal). Perhaps they were thinking “Well the house will be torn down anyway and the value is in the property (and all Whitefish has to offer mind you) once everything is cleaned up” –(location, location, location). However, that is NOT the way the general population viewed the listing/advertising regarding this house and the property it’s on. The general populous expects to see a tidied yard. There is such a thing as pride in one’s job and presenting something presentable to the public (and especially for such an astronomical price). But the opposite is true. It is quite unpresentable. This property as messy as it is, is NOT depictive of our (my) old neighborhood at all. I was quite embarrassed looking at that mess.

One or both of these realtors should have mentioned to the owners how they needed to clean up the yard and even joined in and helped them in doing so. Yes, there really are some realtors who go so far as to help with this, and absolutely for the price gouging this property exudes it is the least that should have transpired.

These realtors are so proud of this property when in fact they should be embarrassed by it. The comments all over social media are indicative of this as well. What they are proud of is that they are listing a property that can be doubled with houses (once the original one is bulldozed) which in their minds justifies the astronomical price.

Below are pictures listed by the agent involved with this project.

To get the full effect concerning this property click here. (Josh Rath 103.7 “The Hawk”) and attached in this article is a TikTok video-warning language but it gets the point across).

Photo Credits Heather Reddig Remax Real Estate

Yup, I grew up just 3 houses away from this fiasco and now it’s more expensive than Paris. So much for the quaint little Whitefish I once knew and loved. Now some Hollywood star will probably move in. There goes the neighborhood.

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