MAGA/Others Want Government to Establish Christianity as the National Religion (Unconstitutional)


A Flathead County resident submitted the following to Montana 1st News on the topic of the Constitution as a way to establish Christianity as the National religion.

“A lot of Republicans or people that call themselves MAGA, want the Government to establish Christianity as the National religion.

The Founders were utterly opposed to this.

They wrote about it. They specifically wanted ‘Freedom of Religion’ and religious toleration. They wrote about this too! They had escaped a theocracy to come to America.

“The Government cannot establish a religion nor can they prohibit it.” This is in the Constitution. (First Amendment)

The colonial culture was a mixture of many denominations including Jews and a very small percentage of others. They were from Europe where religion was used by the Government to persecute anyone who disagreed with them. They did not want that in America.

Many Founders were Enlightenment thinkers, and some were deists or Unitarian worshipers who denied the Trinity.

” The Government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion “
~ John Adams

If you want to know specifically why America was founded, all you have to do is read the ‘Declaration of Independence’. It spells it out word for word. It took many centuries before people were allowed to practice religion free of Government’s clutches.”

{Publishers note} The anonymous author of the article above is correct. However, the Constitution is based on Biblical principles (on Judeo/Christian ethics) which is why some assume it’s a document that should establish Christianity as the National religion. That is incorrect.

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