Kalispell Resident Interviews Homeless Woman “They Need to Make a Homeless Shelter That’s Open 24 Hours a Day” (Video Footage)


What you are about to watch contains graphic language and is very telling. Here we get a glimpse into the life of a homeless person living on the streets of Kalispell. She has an encounter with a young gentleman whose intent is to simply share the good message of Jesus Christ with the woman.

He wanted to understand homelessness from her perspective and what she had to say was very revealing. Watch the two videos below and then read the following summary and analysis.

Part 2 (to be continued)

In this 2nd video the woman claims “They need to make a shelter that’s open 24 hours a day”

There are some interesting things to note by listening to and watching the videos.

She begins by stating that “they only extended it to be open until the end of April” meaning the Flathead Warming Center will soon close down and that soon she and her friends are “gonna be everywhere”-“we’re gonna be everywhere sleepin’ everywhere you know” and that local teens “f&*k” with them then proceeds to mention “and there’s nothing being done about it'”.

She also shared that ‘two of my friends were killed’ and ‘we get messed with quite a bit by teens’.

When the young man asks her “What would you like the county to do about it” she states “They need to make a homeless shelter that’s open 24 hours a day”.

The interviewer then asks her “What should happen if someone wants to get well”? She proceeds to tell him that “That’s what A Ray of Hope does every day” (referring to “drug and alcohol testing every day”) but she won’t go back because “they are too pushy with the whole religion thing” and how she’s “been kicked out of the Samaritan House for 4 years.”

She then told him she’s “thinking out of here and going to Missoula.”

Let’s now analyze this situation from a place of logical thinking.

She feels it’s someone fault (most likely the city) that the Flathead Warming Center is shutting down for the season.

This is an attitude of entitlement. Why should this place be forced to stay open? What is most telling is that she HAD places to stay, safe places but her rebellion is why she is living on the streets (except for the nights she’s stayed at Flathead Warming Center).

She’s upset that “no one is going to do anything about it” (meaning who will take them in)? Who will ‘rescue’ them?

She believes it’s the communities responsibility to take care of her and her friends and protect them from ‘street assaults’ but she appears to be making no effort to obtain any sort of living situation beyond a hand out.

She’s been kicked out of the Samaritan House (4 years ago and not let back in apparently).

Why would she be kicked out of the Samaritan House? The chances are she broke the rules. There could be multiple reasons: failure to do as asked, possible harm to other? There could be a multitude of reasons.

She doesn’t like A Ray of Hope because of religious reasons.

Could it be that she doesn’t like the mandatory work that is required by AROH meaning the guests are required to help in some capacity either in or out of the shelter for up to 20 hours per week? The Bible is offensive to those in rebellion. Perhaps she didn’t like the drug and alcohol tests which are essential for guests who stay.

She wants a shelter that’s going to stay open 24/7.

What it appears is that she wants a continual 24/7 free ride. She expects meals that are often provided, warmth, shelter, safety, services, (from everywhere) and all without real accountability and the ability to be able to come and go freely as she pleases.

Her next plan is to head to Missoula.

We wish her well and pray she finds hope and salvation in Christ for He is ultimately her answer to what it is she really needs.

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