M1N Story Substantiated! Flathead Illegal Immigrants (Venezuela) Verified by FC Sheriff Heino and Governor!


The story Montana 1st New put out on April 27th (and was verified by eye-witnesses on April 22nd) is PROOF that illegal immigrants have been here and are here from Venezuela. (See entire article below by Montana Talks Aaron Flint, and read Montana 1st News’ former article by clicking here).

Thank you to Montana Talks for their article (See full article below with link and credit at the end).

‘Montana Talks’ Host Aaron Flint shared the following information,

I received word from a reliable source in the Kalispell city government that illegal aliens from Venezuela had been dumped in Montana’s Flathead Valley earlier this week. Apparently Montana Governor Greg Gianforte received similar news.

Here’s part of a statement released Thursday afternoon by the governor:

Gov. Gianforte: “I’m deeply troubled and frustrated by reports of illegal immigrants being flown into Flathead County. Joe Biden’s open border and stubborn refusal to act have created chaos and lawlessness and have put a growing burden on our law enforcement officers. I’ve repeatedly pressed Joe Biden to tell governors when he ships illegal immigrants to our states, who they are, and where they’re going. Shamefully, he hasn’t done any of it.”

Here is a further update concerning the event by Aaron Flint,


Here is a full press release sent out by Congressman Ryan Zinke (R-MT01). (I spotted this after posting the news above so have added in this update)

According to the Flathead County Sherriff, a group of illegal immigrants from Venezuela contacted the sheriff’s office seeking accommodations on the evening of May 1. Like the some of the other 7.3 million illegal immigrants who passed through Joe Biden’s open southern border, they were given a plane ticket to New York before being transported to Kalispell. Unprompted by local law enforcement, the dark money nonprofit Valley Neighbors, picked up the illegal immigrants and provided hotel arrangements in Kalispell.

“The only way an illegal immigrant from South America ends up in Montana is if a “nonprofit” connected with the Biden Administration moves them there. They didn’t walk across to Babb,” said Rep. Zinke. “Montana law enforcement, schools, hospitals and safety nets are being stressed to their max because of the Biden border crisis. I’m in contact with local law enforcement, county commissioners and the Attorney General and will do anything in my power to protect Montanans. Government-funded orgs complaining about drug overdoses and human trafficking fail to recognize it’s their own fault when they are flying illegal immigrants tied in with cartels and coyotes. It’s a national security risk. It’s unacceptable and absolutely needs to end now.”

Flathead County Commissioner Randy Brodehl said, “This instance is not unique; it is a continuation of a trend that has increased in both frequency and intensity over the last two years. Flathead County does not have the recourses of large sanctuary cities and cannot sustain the volume of people coming in illegally. We cannot feed, house, or facilitate the transportation for these individuals. Why they are being sent to Kalispell at all is beyond me.”

Flathead County Sheriff Brian Heino said, “I think we’re being targeted. This is just one example of the increase Flathead County Sheriff’s Office has seen with individuals who have no residency status in the U.S. My job, my priority, is the people of the community that I was elected to protect. We don’t have the budget to keep up with the needs that come along with the growing undocumented population, and we don’t have the resources to hold them accountable our laws. My worry is that our ability to protect the citizens of Flathead County will be limited by the strain of the undocumented population.”

To reiterate, Montana 1st News revealed the fact that illegal immigrants had been seen in Kalispell on Monday, April 22, and approximately 50 were lined up with suitcases and backpacks in hopes of obtaining shelter at the Flathead Warming Center. These people were of Latino origin which makes sense as the ‘Montana Talks’ article above stated they are from Venezuela. We believe what was reported to us could have been a ‘soft landing’ meaning the immigrants were here and gone.

To read the full story by Montana Talks article click here. Credit Aaron Flint (Montana Talks)

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  1. And we hear of no action from the Governor regarding the dumping of illegal immigrants without even knowing if any have ben placed through an investigation process. Maybe the Governor should bus them back to N.Y. The State needs to challenge Biden and hope that our U.S. Supreme Court still is wiling to follow the U. S. Constitution. Are we going to give in to this bully Biden.


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