Flathead: Ed Byrne Exposes Deceptive PACs Who Endorse Phony “Conservative” Candidates


The following (very revealing and informative) information was written by Ed Byrne Candidate running for House District 11. Bryne’s primary focus is the deception PACs promote by endorsing and promoting liberal/moderate candidates and painting them to be conservatives. Nothing could be further from the truth. True conservatives are always the opposite opponent from whom these phony PAC’s endorse. Do not be deceived into buying their nonsense. Byrne is out to share the truth and by doing so he hopes to protect the true conservatives who stand for honor, truth, and freedom.

Byrne shared the following,

“Endorsements traditionally are very good at defining a candidate and his campaign. However, we are seeing more and more moderate candidates running as Republicans and being supported by left-leaning and far-left Political Action Committees (PACs).

Most Montanans understand there are two types/groups of Republicans in the State. Those who are Conservative or real Republicans that abide by a Party Platform, and those who claim to be but fall short of true conservative values.

The most blatant example of deceptive practices is the“Conservatives4MT” PAC which is sending out mailers to support moderate Republicans including my opponent. This PAC is paid for and associated with a Democrat-linked PAC. The three big donors include $80K from Guarantee PAC out of Washington D.C., $75K from Montana Hospital Association (both left-leaning PACs), and the former solutions caucus ex-legislator Bruce Tutvedt from right here in the Flathead who contributed $25K. Consrevatives4MT not only exaggerate and fabricate their flyers; they outright lie.


The mailer that they sent out for my opponent, blatantly lied about him being born and raised in Montana. Hewas born and raised in Massachusetts and spent considerable time in Minnesota before moving to Montana around 2008. They also state he is a life-long educator (he is not a professional in the education system, i.e., not a teacher). The flyer also states that he is a “proven conservative”, yet he does not associate with nor is he affiliated with any Republican organization in the Flathead. Another point is the treasurer of this PAC – Ross Fitzgerald who sponsored HB481 – INCREASING THE RATE OF INFLATION FOR CALCULATING PROPERTY TAXES.

Another PAC that supports moderate candidates and has a very deceptive name is the Montana Working PAC. They are a far-left AFL-CIO PAC that is funded by George Soros’ SEIU Union ($50K), United America out of Denver, CO ($125K), Drive Committee out of Washington D.C. ($50K), International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 8, Hanover, MD ($7.5K), and the MT AFL-CIO put in $8K. Montana Works PAC sent mailers out last week painting the moderate candidates as staunch conservatives. They supported several of these candidates in the Flathead including my opponent.

Bottom Line: I will never distort, fabricate, or lie. Nor will I ever seek or accept endorsements from individuals, groups, organizations, or PACs who do not fully represent my values. My endorsements come from true conservative organizations and most importantly you, the constituents, and voters of House District 11.

NOTE: Voters in HD 11 will be receiving my recent mailer this week. You can see for yourself by my platform and endorsements that I am your conservative candidate in this race. I greatly appreciate your vote. Please send or deliver your absentee ballots in or on June 4th to vote in person.”

Thank you,

-Ed Byrne

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  1. General rule of thumb….if you see lots of ads, signage, and flyers…probably means they are soros funded. The little feller with no money represents we the people.

    • Yep Sprunger is one of the problems her voting record stands for itself her commerecials state that she is for families really! is that why she voted no on HB 487 preserving parental rights, and Yes on HB 402 allowing ilegals to vote both she and Broackman voted yes look it up for yourself its on page 2 line 13 and iii– CONSERVATIVE I DON’T THINK SO– Stop leaning on yard stickers and check out the voting records that is the only trail you can count on NOT YARD SIGNS.There is an old saying “familiarity breeds contempt” sure fits this bill.


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