Whitefish Welcomes Gubernatorial Candidate Tanner Smith May 22nd (The Constitutional Choice)


Here is your chance to go see gubernatorial candidate Tanner Smith speak.

What is the best thing about Tanner Smith? Well it might just be the fact that he isn’t Greg Gianforte and to that we applaud heartily as many Montanans want a true freedom fighter who will follow the Constitution.

Quite frankly many Montanans are fed up with Gianforte’s nonsense all the way from his outrageous taxes to the faux pas he pulled and allowed concerning the Kolstad’s child to be ripped away from them, (click here) to the Water Compact (click here) and more… Not to mention his promoting the toxic Covid shots which took the lives of many Montanans and the lies he stated when he said the toxic injections were “safe and effective”.

People are burnt out on Gianforte’s globalist agenda (click here to learn more) and are especially fed up with him endorsing non-conservative candidates such as Courtenay Sprunger.

So please enlighten and refresh yourself and go learn more about Tanner Smith as you might just be pleasantly surprised.

(See details below)

We hope to see you all there!

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