BREAKING: Persecuted Missionaries of Madison County Call Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to “Repent” (Video Within)


Yes you read that right.

As Montana’s famous “Persecuted Missionaries” were on a sidewalk in Washington D.C. who should come quickly strutting by but the one and only famous (or rather infamous) Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

The persecuted missionaries who were assaulted and accosted in Madison County, Montana by crooked Law Enforcement agents (two years ago this fall) just happened to share a sidewalk with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez yesterday.

Missionary Jesse Boyd spoke quickly to his evangelist partner and stated,

“Eric Trent look who’s coming. Preach to her. Give her some Good News”

Trent responded with “AOC there’s still an opportunity for you to repent and get right with the Lord-repent AOC.”

Boyd shared (as Cortez swiftly tried to escape the two gentlemen) “Repent of the wickedness you’ve done to this country and are still doing.”

Remember friends to always be watchful and share the “Good News” of Christ everywhere you go. Pray for AOC as this may be the last time she hears this very “Good News”.

You can watch this encounter by clicking here.

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