NW ‘United Way’ Aims to Relocate Homeless With Family/Support Network Outside of Flathead Valley


Finally some good news! Please read the press release by Northwest Montana United Way and learn how they aim to help eligible homeless individuals to leave the area and unite with family and support network! There is no way Flathead County can house all the homeless that are now here so this appears to be a viable solution.

Northwest Montana United Way · 


The Northwest Montana United Way is excited to announce a new program to support unhoused individuals/families with relocation assistance. This program is open to currently unhoused applicants living in the Flathead Valley. Eligible applicants are those whom have a verifiable support located outside of our area but do not have the financial means to relocate.

The purpose of this program is to assist individuals/families reunite with family and their support network to help resolve their housing crisis.

The application process will include verification of support at the final destination and clearance to relocate by local law enforcement.

If you would like to support this program or if you would like to apply for relocation assistance, please contact the Northwest Montana United Way at 406-752-7266.

Applications will be reviewed on a weekly basis and those in greatest need will be assisted first, as funds allow.

Mission of this program:

Connecting individuals with the family or other support network to build a brighter tomorrow.


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  1. Just send them ALL back how comfy is ll this nonsense.HOUSEING CRISIS ???? THEY CREATED THEIR OWN CRISIS. Jusr go back home after they have found each other.


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