Kalispell: Scared Female Cops Abdicate Responsibilities, Local Resident Scouts Out Possible Hide-Out


What is it going to take for people to do the job they were hired for and a job no less which tax payers pay for and are paying even more for now that the “Emergency Response Levy” just passed?

What a joke.

Sure we may all want to believe in the age-old adage “Back the Blue” but what if the “blue” are too scared and lame to do the very job they were hired for?? This is serious stuff folks. I mean most citizens are all for equal pay etc. for the same job as females in the work area and all that jazz but come on if you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen!

Here’s the story.

A manager of a large apartment complex (not far from the Flathead Warming Center) spotted a man hanging out on the apartment complex’s lawn and pulling on a tree then pretty soon he began to scream out loudly and very aggressively. It was at this point that the manager called 911 and where the dispatcher warned her “not to approach the man.”

When two ‘policewomen’ showed up they sat in their car and when the manager stated she thought perhaps the perpetrator had gone into a nearby ‘playhouse’ the policewomen replied “We’re not going in there!” The manager then said asked the officers “Well do you want me to go in there?” The lady cops replied with “OK”. No word of caution to the unarmed apartment manager (who felt she must know if the homeless man was on the property and especially to safeguard children) although she was expecting the armed policewomen would have done the job they were called to do.

The lady cops also asked the manager “Do you want us to ‘trespass’ him”? (To which the manager answered with a resounding “Yes” while thinking to herself DUH! that’s why I called you in the first place).

Well if you call roaming only 10 to 20 feet away from your patrol car “trespassing” a person then I guess they did so.

But not really.

Doesn’t it seem logical if you call 911 and a homeless man is hanging off of your tree and screaming at the top of his lungs that you’d expect the police to really PATROL THE AREA??!!??? Of course, you would. The apartment grounds are sprawled out quite a ways as it’s a large complex but no, these fearful policewomen barely set foot away from their car.

And additionally they didn’t even bother to go down the bike trail where the homeless are known to inhabit and hang out etc. In all reality it doesn’t even seem that they cared to ‘catch’ him, ticket him, warn or reprove him at all. They were more concerned for their OWN SAFETY then to those to whom they took and ‘oath’ to serve!

So as a result of these two policewomen who so feared the situation and didn’t care to search the premises let alone beyond, there is still some homeless man out in the area who most likely will come BACK to the apartment complex grounds!

Ok then…….

We are making a point here. The manager who initiated the call should not have been the one entering the play house (but these petrified female cops weren’t about too so she figured she needed to. After all there are plenty of younger children who reside within the apartment complex and need protecting.

To say that the manager was appalled by the lack of professionalism exhibited by these female police officers is an understatement.

Come on KPD you can do better than this.

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