Shaun Pandina-(Candidate HD7) Asks You to Help “Clean Up Voter Rolls” (Video Within)


Read below and watch the video clip as Shaun Pandina (Candidate for House District 7) shares easy steps on how you can help “clean up voter rolls.”

Pandina shared the following,

“If they don’t remove them then they are not doing their Job.

13-2-402 “an election administrator SHALL cancel the registration of an elector if” sec 8 “elector fails to meet any voter qualification in 13-1-111”
13-1-111 states “a person may NOT vote at elections unless the person is:” a) “registered as required by law”
13-2-208. States “Elector to furnish residential address
prohibiting registration for failure to provide
address. (1) An elector shall provide the election
administrator with the elector’s current street address
rural address…”

Therefore, if you followed all of that the person is not registered as required by law because they can be proven to not live at the address they provided in their registration. Ether they moved away or they did it by fraud. If by fraud the law is clear fraud voids everything. The election administrator shall remove the name. If this is not clear enough then I will introduce a bill House Bill to make it crystal clear during the 2025 session.”

Let’s all do our part to ensure election integrity!

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