Kalispell: Flathead Warming Center Advocates Protest Near Courthouse (WWJD?)


At approximately 5 pm on Thursday evening across from the County Courthouse in Kalispell, a group of 40 plus “Pro Flathead Warming Center” individuals donned the sidewalk and grassy area with signs that stated “Jesus Was Homeless” and “My Family Values All Neighbors” and more.

However others via social media had other thoughts,

Well to begin with I can tell you what “Jesus Would NOT Do”-

  1. He would NOT be ok with Fentanyl overdoses happening in the Warming Center. (Click here to learn more)
  2. He would NOT want a Low Barrier Shelter within city limits as the “Center” attracts outside homeless vagrants and the homeless who can’t get in and and commit crimes in the neighborhood.
  3. He would NOT want homeless in a shelter who don’t do chores and are not accountable.
  4. He would NOT want the homeless cruising around the nearby neighborhood and stealing the tips from coffee shop girls and crapping in their parking lot.
  5. He wouldn’t want the neighborhood scared, freaked out, and forced to change the way they’ve lived for years due to the Warming Center and who it’s attracting.

And here is “What Jesus WOULD Do”

  1. Jesus would want High Barrier Shelters in many towns (so one town doesn’t have to deal with the brunt of everything involving the homeless community).
  2. Jesus would want a lot of accountability and more intake information.
  3. Jesus would want a neighborhood to be safe.
  4. Jesus would want the Body of Christ to take clean, local homeless individuals into their homes and care for them such as displaced elderly and women and children.
  5. Jesus would want these homeless above all working towards sobriety.

I think you get the idea.

Below are pictures of the protest/rally.

To see the ‘drive by’ click here.

Be sure to check back with Montana 1st News as the story develops.

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