Spare Us the Bull*&^$!-Persecuted Missionaries Looking For (“Righteous Attorney”)


The following article was submitted by persecuted Missionary Jesse Boyd to Montana 1st News in order to expose the corruption imposed upon him, his daughter, and the mission team who came to Montana and will continue to come to reveal the Good News’ that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and offers new life to all who turn to him in faith and believe he is Lord.

Boyd’s aim is two-fold. He is sharing the reality concerning Montana’s broken justice system all the while seeking a “Righteous Attorney” to help defend his innocent daughter.


“Look, I can accept that Christian persecution is here in America. I can accept that we are being ruled by tyrants, that our justice system is broken, that both the ballot and jury boxes are hopelessly corrupted, and that some of the country’s most evil citizen’s wear a badge of authority. I can accept that, and I don’t expect evil men to ever give a fair shake to the righteous.  But, at least spare us the platitudes! Spare us the virtue signaling! Spare us the sick sophistry! Spare us the processed aphorism!

I knew a Southern preacher who used to say, “I ain’t got time for bull-crap.” He was talking about virtue signaling (i.e. backbiting and sowing discord) in the local church. Virtue-signaling outside the church in local, state, and national government is just as much malarkey, so perhaps it’s best to just keep it simple like that Southern preacher and say with chutzpah:  SPARE ME THE BULLCRAP! 

My daughter just got word from the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Montana (Mr. “I don’t pay lip service to the 2nd Amendment” and “We’re a country of Christian ideals” Austin Knudsen) that her public defender has been suspended from practicing law by the Montana Supreme Court and that she is now without legal representation in the matter of the false and unjust charges (i.e. Christian persecution) brought against her in Madison County. While she and her husband are supposed to be doing ministry in Chicago, she is now, as a result, being forced to alter those plans and attend a June 3rd “status hearing” via Zoom in Judge Luke Berger’s court (time yet to be determined, can you believe that?) … as if she is in a position to provide a “status” or a “solution” to this drama. You know, at least a courtesy call with a heads-up from the public defender would have been nice (zip, zilch, nada, not a word).

You might ask: Why the sudden, unexpected, and VERY INCONVENIENT “status hearing”? The Office of the Montana Attorney General has informed us in writing. They want “to ensure that the Defendant’s rights are protected” (see photo of document below). It’s right there, right there in their own words.

After all the LAWFARE (Alvin Bragg, Jack Smith, Fani Willis STYLE) out of this office and all the overtly aggressive selective prosecution of Christian missionaries who simply acted within the bounds of Montana Law to protect themselves from a raging maniac, can you believe these people actually have the GALL to claim they care about protecting my daughters “rights”? Sheer profundity!


Since when have her rights or our rights been protected or even acknowledged by this office or this court since this ridiculous saga began? We have already been denied our right to a speedy trial. We are presently being denied our right to a public trial (Zoom that regularly malfunctions and that court clerks clandestinely cut is NOT a public trial). And, very clear violations of our civil rights revealed in body-cam footage leaked by an anonymous whistleblower (click here) continue to be ignored and kept under seal by the court (despite the “Right to Know” Provision in the Montana State Constitution). 


And if that wasn’t enough, these same people so suddenly concerned about ensuring “the Defendant’s rights are protected” are at the same time demanding a judge re-write Montana self-defense law by judicial fiat, law we OBEYED to the letter (MCA 45-3-102, 45-3-104, 45-3-110, 45-3-111), demanding that he literally re-define commonly accepted English words and cancel centuries-old dictionary definitions, insisting that he instruct a jury that “drawing or presenting a weapon” in Montana 45-3-111 (allowed when threatened with bodily harm) cannot even possibly mean “pointing” a weapon (Note, Merriam Webster’s Dictionary for the verb “present” = to aim, POINT, or direct [something such as a weapon] so as to face something or in a particular direction). 


Should I keep going? This same AG Office, while claiming they must “ensure the Defendant’s rights are protected,” has also motioned Judge Luke Berger’s court to allow state’s “witnesses” (i.e. the real criminal defendant in this case, his dirty cop buddies who covered for him, even the flirtatious 911 dispatcher whose fawning all over a Montana Game Warden is actually vomit-inducing when you hear it—good old verbal ipecac) to lie on the stand without having to face impeachment concerning things they said and did on November 12th (things recorded and indisputable). And yet, they want free rein to twist and question OUR WORDS that day, or while praying with our loved ones over the jail telephone.


While Montanans can lawfully shoot unarmed aggressors in self-defense in an alleyway (January 28, 2023 in Yellowstone County) and stab an unarmed aggressor in self-defense out in front of a Walmart (March 29, 2024 in Gallatin County) without prosecution, Christian missionaries minding their own business on the side of a REMOTE HIGHWAY in Madison County cannot lift a finger to protect themselves and a child from a raging maniac who pulled up, got out of his vehicle, crossed a dirt road, and screamed, “Your kind ain’t welcome in Montana.” In Yellowstone County, is it heralded “As far as the victim using a firearm for self-defense the law is pretty clear on people’s right to use self-defense when they can articulate a threat to themselves or others” (click here to learn more). In Gallatin County, “the victim’s actions were made in self-defense as they were lawfully protecting themselves from an unprovoked physical attack” (

But in Madison County, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! If it’s Christian missionaries from out-of-state who dare act to defend themselves with great restraint on November 12, 2022, this Office selectively and vehemently prosecutes them while ignoring and covering up clear violations of Montana Law in the so-called “investigation.” And now, they want a hearing “to ensure that the Defendant’s rights are protected”? Give me a break, and …


Look, we know the arrest, the jail-time, the selective prosecution, and the kangaroo court filings (at least 21 motions in limine and more than 50 pages of briefings) have always been about the CROSS.

We know Christian persecution is real these days in America, and we accept it.

It’s happening everywhere. We accept that the chances of a fair trial in Madison County are little to none. We understand that walking with a cross and talking about Jesus made us guilty in Madison County before we even walked into the state of Montana. Ok, fine. Jesus promised these things would come. And II Timothy 3:12 is very clear: “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” But, at least spare us the sick sophistry. These wicked people don’t care about our “rights.” They never did. The proof is in the pudding, not in a certified letter to my unjustly accused daughter who simply came to her father’s aid while his head was buried in the snow with a beast of a man on top and pummeling (only a few days after he had been bedridden with an injured back).


Many weeks ago, Judge Berger told my son-in-law in a hearing, “We are too far invested in this to be changing attorneys.” Well Judge, I guess we have a problem! My daughter, through no fault of her own, no longer has an attorney. And, we’re too far invested to be changing attorneys, right? I mean, he said it, not me. This same judge, on August 28, 2023, warned a couple of armed home invaders who he sentenced with less probation than presented by the same prosecutors in a plea agreement: “A father has a right to protect his children.” He said it, right there from the bench. It sounds to me and any other reasonable human being that it’s time for Judge Luke Berger to toss this stupid case and dismiss these ridiculous charges with prejudice. And since the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Montana wants to “ensure the Defendant’s rights are protected” (they even put it in writing), there really should be no objection.


Here’s a quizzical side note concerning the paralegal who signed this certified letter to my daughter, Maggie Sowisdral. Someone who has done legal work in Montana informed me many months ago that she is the one who actually writes the ridiculous motions that come out of this Office regarding our case, you know, all that lawfare paperwork seeking to deprive us of our rights to a fair trial and weaponize Montana Law against Christians. I don’t know if it is true or not. I really don’t care whether or not she is the author of such garbage. What I do find very interesting, however, is that the same paralegal who is assisting the AG prosecutors in this case actually attended and graduated from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. This campus is barely an hour from my home. Even more interesting is that when Maggie attended ASU, I and some local ministry partners were known to drive up and preach on the grass outside the ASU Student Union right there on campus. We did it many times over 7 years (2010-2017), and occasionally there were large crowds and very raucous hecklers ( Is it possible the machinations and connivings in this selective prosecution, this aiding and abetting of a hate crime against Christian preachers walking across America with a cross, is somehow related and motivated by an old hatred for “street preachers” who dared to come to a Montana paralegal’s college campus? It sure would explain a lot. The Lord knoweth; and the truth is all going to come out, one way or another.

Perhaps some Montana citizens should file state freedom-of-information requests (FOIA) for official emails and/or correspondences between folks like Maggie Sowisdral, Thorin Geist, David Buchler, Sheriff Hedges, Deputy Dan Wyatt, Sergeant Alec Winn (no longer with the Madison County Sheriffs Department), Deputy Tim Jurgonski, Game Warden Robbie Pohl, and even Austin Knudsen. Perhaps they should request all official emails from say November 12, 2022, until January 31st, 2023 that involve any of these people and contain the words “missionaries” or “Christians” or “cross” or “preachers.” I bet that would turn up some interesting conversation, correspondence that proves “to ensure the Defendant’s rights are protected” to be exactly what it is—BULLCRAP. Don’t get your hopes up, though. I’m sure these people took a page out of Hillary Clinton’s playbook and scrubbed those emails long ago.

We’ll fight this injustice to the gates of hell. No pleas. No deals. To the End. And come hell or high water, WORTHY IS THE LAMB. Even if I were to be wrongfully convicted by a tainted jury following a kangaroo show trial in a closed-door, one-room office in Virginia City, a trial in which the English language has been cancelled, Montana Law has been raped, and dirty cops have been able to lie without proper cross-examination all in the name of ensuring “the Defendant’s rights are protected” … EVEN IF I were to be unjustly sentenced, not to a Montana jail, but to be buried under a Montana jail, for simply acting to protect my children still, WORTHY IS THE LAMB. And, in the words of a true modern-day hero of the Christian faith, Paul Vaughn, one of the seven pro-life Christians unjustly charged and convicted by a weaponized federal government in Nashville, Tennessee for singing hymns and praying in a hallway outside an abortion mill: “We are content with allowing God to write His story the way He desires. Free or imprisoned, we will serve Him and His purposes.”  If we live, we live for Christ. If we die, we have infinitely gained. And that demands a good ole Southern preacher HAAAAAY-Men! 

In the Holy Scriptures, it is written of a soon-coming day:

“Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints, To execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him” (Jude 13-14). 

That’s very bad news for the Office of the Montana Attorney General and all Christian persecutors here in America—at the national, state, and local levels. For, the LAMB sees through the BULLCRAP and all the “hard speeches.” He is worthy, and He will repay.

If anyone knows of a righteous attorney who would be willing to represent my daughter in this ridiculous case of Christian persecution, I’d appreciate some help. Before it’s all over, there very well may be good money in it … GOOD MONEY, courtesy of Madison County, Montana. Even Judge Berger has suggested what’s in the footage could be a “gold mine.”

If you or anyone you know knows a ‘Righteous Attorney” contact Jesse Boyd by clicking here.

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