Jury Trial Date Set: November 12th (One Year Anniversary of Persecuted Missionaries’ Assault and Arrest)


The zoom meeting where the prosecuting attorneys (for Brad Terrell) met with the defendant attorneys (for persecuted missionaries) settled some things. As there was no mention of plea deals after all, the next events were decided meaning when the jury would be picked and the trial day set.

Jurors will be selected on November 9th, 2023 and the trial will take place on November 12th 2023 exactly one year from when the persecuted missionaries who traveled through Madison County were assaulted and arrested. It is uncertain at this time where the trial will take place.

John Lamb was on the scene today in Madison County; you can click here to watch and hear him speak concerning updates from outside the courthouse in Virginia City, MT.

Lamb was encouraged as multiple friends of the missionaries chipped in to help purchase a very large billboard which was also driven through Virginia City and Ennis where the mayor’s wife asked if she could take a picture of the large visual display. Numerous town folk stopped and looked on in awe.

Folks were allowed into the meeting room to view the zoom by a very kind District Court Clerk.

One attendant had this to say,

“Thanks to District Court Clerk Diane, who (out of her comfort zone – not having had an audience in her office before), not only provided additional chairs to accommodate us, but explained each procedural element covered and it’s purpose all the way up to trial… right down to the estimated number of jurors (150+) -(who will be receiving ‘legal greetings’ from the district court).

Montana 1st News will continue to publish updates concerning the persecuted missionaries.

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