Bears Waking from Hibernation Some Sleepy and Some on the Kill-(video within)


What you are about to watch is truly nothing short of amazing. While one particular grizzly looks just plain tired the next video (as you scroll down once you hit the link) is famished and taking down everything in its sight.

“Just massive animals, adult males can weigh up to 600 pounds and standing over 7 feet tall. Grizzly bears have a distinctive hump on their back, which is made up of muscle mass and helps to support their massive frame.

In the fall, grizzly bears will begin to eat large amounts of food, such as berries and salmon, to build up their fat reserves for the winter. As the days get shorter and colder, grizzly bears will find a suitable den and begin their hibernation.

During hibernation, grizzly bears will slow their metabolism and heart rate and their body temperature will drop. They will not eat, drink, or defecate during this time, which can last for several months.

Although a lot is known about the grizzlies hibernation cycle it is rarely seen, especially the moment the come out of it.

This park in British Columbia captured just that. Their grizzly, Boo, is seen digging his way out of the deep snow breaking into the sunlight for the first time in months.”

Click here to watch the video clips and read the rest of the article. Jacob Dillon (Whiskey Riff)

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