Madison County, MT: “One Year Anniversary” Hate Crime Played Out By L.E. Officials (video footage within)


Today, November 12, marks the one year anniversary where missionaries traveling from North Carolina were beaten, hassled, harassed, lied about and arrested in Madison County, MT at the hands of rogue Law Enforcement officials. (Read the statement below by lead missionary Jesse Boyd as he recalls that wicked event and be sure to click on the links below to follow the whole story from the beginning as well as leaked body cam footage showing the crimes committed by Brad Terrell and Madison County LE).

“ONE YEAR AGO TODAY, we were violently sabotaged and assaulted for carrying a cross in Montana and brutally arrested for being Christians.

It’s been an entire year, and the false charges still stand, the violent attacker suffers zero consequence, the crooked cops face no accountability, and the real victims continue to be deprived of a voice of their own in a court of law.

And yet, they could not stop us from walking another THOUSAND MILES with the cross, including 900 in the State of Montana and a giant 150-mile loop around Madison County … all without incident.

Many Montana voices once spoke up on our behalf and against the hate crime done upon us. A year later, however, many of these voices are silent—out of sight, out of mind. Where have they all gone? Do they even still care?

And yet, we keep walking and preaching, talking about Jesus just the same.

Here’s a little commentary from the other night at the end of this leg up in Stevens County, Washington … a spot atop a hill 1000 walking miles from the spot this walk came to a grinding halt one year ago today. TO GOD BE THE GLORY, GREAT THINGS HE HATH DONE.

Click here and scroll down to view the missionary’s most recent video footage as they comment on this one year anniversary of that cruel and traumatizing and (illegal) event which transpired on November 12, in Madison County, MT 2022.

To grasp a full understanding of this Hate Crime with leaked footage click here.

And click here to learn even more about the true assailant Brad Terrell who attacked lead missionary Jesse Boyd.




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