Madison County Authorities FRAME Missionaries! (Full Videos, Jesse Boyd’s Testimony From Solitary Confinement and more)


Audio begins at 15 seconds (Madison County Authorities)

Yes, you read that right.

Madison County Sheriffs and Authorities framed innocent missionaries who were walking peacefully through Madison County. These missionaries were acting in total self-defense as they were persecuted, assaulted, and LIED to and ABOUT as you will clearly see in the full video footage above and as well as from the footage with excerpts and in writing below. There is so much that is ‘off’ that it is obvious the missionaries have been framed.


Madison County authorities above/ persecuted missionaries below. (Quote above by Deputy Sheriff Dan Wyatt)

You can view portions of the video footage at the top of this article with commentary (by missionaries) and written information by clicking here. (warning graphic language by Madison County Officials)

“If these missionaries were so dangerous and were guilty of the very things these potty-mouth cops claimed, why then did Sergeant Alec Winn, the investigator in charge, (the middle man in the video you viewed) later send Jesse Boyd and Carter Phillips to ride together with Deputy Leah Cox, his common-law WIFE, the 90 minutes to the jail in Bozeman while Bethany Boyd was sent ALONE with Duncan Hedges, (the sheriff elect at that time). 2 “criminals” with a lady cop who lives with the investigative officer and a teenage girl with the sheriff-elect?”


  1. It is legal to pull, point and shoot a gun in Montana in self-defense/(Sheriff Dan Wyatt is lying).
  2. Jesse Boyd did not have a gun placed at Brad Terrell’s head and the band of missionaries did NOT agree stating so as Dan Wyatt shares (more lying).
  3. The evangelists were parked legally and where there was plenty of space for even a larger vehicle to get around.
  4. Josiah Boyd (12-years-old) is NOT mentally slow by any means, nor is he “sheltered”; he has a high GPA and has travelled through 7 different countries worldwide-(proof that these “authorities” are making things up. These officials are grasping at straws.
  5. The missionaries were not hitchhiking and they are by no means homeless. They were driving a new 2023 Subaru, well dressed and clean, and staying in an Airbnb in Idaho. (More lies being spewed by Madison County Law Enforcement).
  6. These ‘Officials’ are wanting to “drum” up bigger charges and actually looking for heavier “Serious Bodily Assault” (which doesn’t exist) for the supposed “victim” (Brad Terrell). They wanted to call an ambulance to “make your case stronger.”


CLICK HERE to read Jesse Boyd’s full testimony from solitary confinement to find out the full truth concerning the events above.

CLICK HERE to uncover the skewed content and inconsistencies within the “Affidavits of Probable Cause” signed by Deputy Sheriff Dan Wyatt (the foul-mouthed Madison County Sheriff on the left in the video footage).

CLICK HERE to view the Judges comments from the recent hearing in Madison County Courthouse where the missionaries get their GPS (ankle monitors removed).

CLICK HERE to view and read about young 12-year-old missionary Josiah Boyd held at gun point by Madison County Sheriffs.

Young 12-Year-Old missionary Josiah Boyd was held at gunpoint; he committed no crime

WATCH THIS! CLICK HERE! to hear the 911 clip and see Josiah Boyd drug to Brad Terrell’s place of business which scared him to death! CLICK HERE! to view video footage where Josiah Boyd is crying to God for help. “Please God this can’t be real I need help!” Josiah continued, “Why is this happening? The guy who started it (meaning Brad Terrell)- they took his side!”

CLICK HERE to read from the beginning the sequence of events from November 12th where the persecuted missionaries were wronged.


CLICK HERE to read about tomorrows secret sealed court hearing in Madison County.

FACT! The prosecuting attorneys for this case want these innocent missionaries prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law-$50k each for the 4 missionaries and 20 years in prison-Madison County Prosecutor David Buchler stated they were “homeless vagabonds” in court in November. Nothing could be further from the truth.

CLICK HERE to read about the prosecuting attorneys and the defendants’ attorney (John Pierce former Rittenhouse attorney).

CLICK HERE to compare the Boyd’s Case to other similarities nationwide concerning self defense via Tucker Carlson on Fox.

CLICK HERE to read about Madison County Sheriffs who violated their own Policy Manual.

CLICK HERE to read about court zoom and massive citizen funded billboard exposing rogue Madison County Sheriffs.

CLICK HERE to read about the upcoming court date with a jury on November 12th.

Missionaries with family and friends awaiting zoom court last week from their NC home

Thorin Geist (seated left) Assistant Attorney General/David Buchler (right) Madison County Prosecuting Attorney who prior referred to the missionaries as “homeless vagabonds”

CLICK HERE to listen to the he Audio Zoom of the recent court hearing in Madison County that SOMEONE wanted hidden from the public!

Jesse and Josiah Boyd-Ministry partners for life.

“Make no mistake this is about THE CROSS; no pleas, no deals, we’re going to fight this to the very end.”-Jesse Boyd

Jesse Boyd Bondservant of Christ

Montana 1st News has been following this case and reporting on it from the beginning-be sure to check back as the story continues to develop.

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